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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chinese real estate companies: the leaders of China?

In Chinese there are a few giant real estate companies or as I once read in some Chinese newspaper "Chinese real estate elites".
These companies are everywhere. They build everywhere: new buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, stadium...

These companies don't limit themselves to real estate
As they grew these companies diversified their business: reaching out everywhere in the food industry, in education, health and abroad...

In Changsha two of these giants just established two huge complex: one is Wanda Plaza and one is Baoli.
These complex include appartment appartements buildings, hotel, commercial center.

Partnerships with famous brands

Quite often these giants establish partnership with famous brands: Marriot group for the hotel, Wall-Mart for the commercial center. This is a strong guarantee to make sure Chinese customers spend their money there!
Though they now try more and more to develop their own brand: such as Wanda hotel, Wanda shopping center...

Full support from the authorities
These giants are closely linked to the politics.
For instance, Wanda Plaza belongs to the nephew of president Zhang Zeming...
And they invest so much that the local authorities will do anything for them: give them any construction permit, build a tunnel for them, build a new bridge, build a new road, a subway station, expropriate... thus facilitating the access to the real estate complex. Of course there is always a "high risk" of bribes.

But remember China economic growth relies mainly on real estate!

Booming online sales and delivery companies in China

In the last few years there was a huge boom of online sales in China.
This lead to another boom: the boom of delivery business.
Many private delivery companies in China appeared everywhere in China. SF is one of the best delivery companies.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Changsha city: rooftop view

I started some videos of Changsha city rooftop view.

I took this first video south of Changsha on furong road, nearby railway campus and Zoomion company.

This second video is also south of Changsha on Shaoshan road at YuhuaTing district.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cash in transit and violence in China

China is one of the safest country in the world.

I think this can be explained:

  • It is forbiddent to own a gun. With the recent knives attacks, you even need some ID to buy a knife. Army and police only can carry weapon. If you are found with a weapon, the penalty can be very heavy (it can be death penalty).
  • Thanks to their education, Chinese people are not violent. They respect some values such as: family, community and the face. Attacking someone is attacking China and Chinese people. It means losing face for yourself and for your whole family, community, city...

China is changing. People get more lonely, more desesperate. Violence is growing but it is still nothing as compared to Europe or the USA.

Everyday armored trucks pick up money in banks.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

China dancing district competition: using face to sell

I took the other day a few days ago.

This city district organized a dancing competition.
I believe that several team compete and represent proudly their district, the community where they live!
As you know in China older people like to train at dancing in the evening.
The organizer had a brilliant idea. Most Chinese people are proud of their district, city, community.
People are proud to compete and to win for their city district!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The harmonious society: what does it mean?

You often probably already heard that China is the harmonious society.
But what does it mean?

One China, 56 different people
The harmonious society means that 56 different people with their own identity work together to shape one China. These communities have their own traditions, their own culture, their own way of life, their own freedom. But they must all abide to the rule of one China. They respect the unity of China.
These different ethnic groups are China!

In fact many countries have a similar notion. 
But in most countries these different people originate from immigration. This is not the case in China.
In France we have "black, blanc, beurs". In South Africa, it is the "rainbow nation". In the US, it is the "melting pot"...

Thursday, June 26, 2014

In China wearing the hijab on the national television is not an issue

This Malaysian singer, Shila Amzah is very popular in China.
She took part in a famous singing competition and went to the final.

She is wearing the hijab on the national television.
This is not an issue for the Chinese viewers and for the Chinese television.
In France this would have been forbidden and the cause for huge confrontation.
In China where religion is closely supervized that a singer is allowed to wear a religious symbol is a little strange to me.

It is also interesting to note that this young woman is Malaysian.
Still she takes part to the Chinese national television show, with success.
Of course this is not by chance. China is trying to get closer to Malaysia.
Chinese politics and medias have close ties so as to influence the general public opinion.