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Friday, September 19, 2014

Chinese employees, the biggest threat for their companies

Chinese people always want money...
Therefore Chinese employees are very volatil. They will quit their job if they are offered more elsewhere.

But there is worst, I have seen it quite often in China, Chinese employees will bypass their company. They will take the company customers for themselves.
For instance if you buy a washing machine, the salesman might offer you a 30% bargain if you buy from him...

This is also what happens when you change currency. Some Chinese people work on the street together with a bank employee. They offer you a better exchange rate than the bank!
Now most companies take advantage of their employees... I won't cry for them.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sending mooncake at the Chinese post office

Last week it was the moon festival.
It is one of the main Chinese festival.

At the Chinese post office, you can send mooncakes.
You have prices for all budget.

Festival to build your network, your "guanxi".I think that is interesting to tell you about this. In China it is important to build up and maintain your guanxi with family, friends, employees, colleague... 
It is important to offer present, to invite. And to do so you should use festival, special occasion: birthday, wedding, new year festival, lunar festival...

Opportunity to sell
These festival are a good opportunity to sell, as Chinese people spend a lot.
Each one of these traditionnal festival has symbols: mooncake, rice ball...
However these products innovate. They transform. More and more Chinese people offer something else, buy something else.
Therefore companies have the opportunity to fill in these product category or they can associate these traditionnal products to some other products, lead advertising campain...
There is still a lot to be done. All you need to do is check how things work abroad.
Why not: gift set?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Disposing wastes in China

Recycling wastes
In China some wastes are sorted out by the population.
Chinese people can sell some of their wastes: plastic bottle, glass bottle, wood, paper...
Most Chinese people sort out their waste since they can get money out of it.
There are also many people who search garbages looking for wastes that they could sell.

Burning or burying wastes
The other wastes are often burnt or buried. Garbage trucks pick them up to burn outside of the city. Unfortunately, they are burnt outside in the air.

Improving the system
On main issue is using plastic bags. This could be avoided providing garbage tray to households. These garbage tray would be used to carry garbage outside. This would allow more recycling and composting!
Building some facilities outside of the city would also help avoid  burning wastes in the open.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vacuum cleaner in China, a prospective market!

I went looking into several shops for a vaccum cleaner in China. 
The choice is really limited


100 to 500 watts
Most vacuum clearners sold in China have a limited power: 100 to 500 watts.
While in the west, vacuum cleaner have at least 1200 watts.
It means that vacuum in China might not work very well.

But they are cheap.
Price range from 200 to 800 yuan.

No bag
All the vacuum cleaners sold in China have no bag. I guess having bags would be too much for Chinese customers.

Most Chinese people use broom to sweep the floor.
But it is changing.

Wealthy Chinese people use vacuum cleaner.
It works better. It is more convenient. It is more prestige.
They now have carpet on the floor, or wooden floor. This type of floor requires vacuum cleaner
More and more Chinese people buy robot, automatic vacuum cleaner.
You also find some Dyson vacuum cleaner in a few prestige shops.

No doubt that vacuum cleaner have a bright future in China.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ghost festival in China

One of the main Chinese festival is the ghost festival from the 7th to the 15th of July based on the lunar calendar.
During that time, the ghost of the dead come back on earth.

Chinese families make offering to their ancestors.
As you can see from the video below.

You need to make some offering to each ancestor. 
The different family members must offer to the different ancestors. 
One small paper bag is one offering from one family member to one ancestor. It contains paper money.
You must pour the blood of a chicken on the paper bag. I think it is meant to attract the spirit of the ancestors?
Chinese people burn paper money and also paper artifacts: cars, boats, appartments...

You must make offering to the other spirits. 
When you are making the offering, you must also burn some paper money. This money is for the other spirits. You must give them something so that they won't take the offering inside the bags. These are for your ancestors!

I find that there is a similarity with Ulysse travel, when he mut fight off the spirit of the dead and keep his offering for Tiresias the augur.

When you burn the offering, make sure you choose the right place.
Each year it is better to burn the offering at the same spot. So that your ancestor, remember the place.
It is also important to choose a good location and a good day: windy, on a top of a hill...

Beware, don't go out the last day of the ghost festival.
The last day of the ghost festival, the dead must return to their world.
Some of them are reluctant, they want to stay alive. It is said that they will prey on weak people so that they can take their body and stay.
In fact most Chinese people believe this and they never go outside in the evening of the last day of the ghost festival.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Window of the world" a Chinese dream of foreign countries

Chinese people dream of foreign countries.
A few years ago this was really a dream. Most Chinese people couldn't travel abroad: it was way too expensive. 
Therefore everywhere in China, business people opened some "windows of the world", attraction parks to discover the world wonders.

Changsha too has its park.

Today things changed.
Many Chinese people became wealthier, enough to travel abroad.
This generates many problems for the "window of the world". They had to change their offer, focus more on the attractions rather than on the exotism from foreign countries.

Today Chinese always dream of foreign countries.
The dream is unchanged on some aspects: Chinese people dream of discoving different cultures, exotic cuisine, castles, beaches...
But the dream is also the escape abroad. Today many Chinese Chinese dream to escape abroad.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Luxury for Chinese people: taking the example of a fancy restaurant

All luxury restaurants in China look the same.
You find the same bad taste decoration, or the absence of any taste. I should probably say the absence of any "d'harmony", since Chinese people understand this word.

High range restaurant make most of their business with wealthy customers who invite other: administrations, companies, families, friends. You invite for the network, the guanxi. You eat together in a private dining room.

This is a restaurant where I was invited a few weeks ago.

You find several main features of Chinese luxury:

  • Gilding and yellow. It is the color of gold. It is rich. It is prestige. Therefore it gives face to the guests and to the host.
  • Red. It is central color in China. It is happiness. It is the national color.
  • Ceiling light. It is a symbol of France of foreign countries. It is the good taste of the west.
  • Carpet, red curtains, wall-paper. It is prestigious. It looks the same as in foreign countries hotels. In their homes, Chinese people use stone for the floor. They usually don't have any curtains, though it is changing. 
  • Television. You watch television while eating. For a company, admnistration meal, television, you watch the news channel. It is more serious, more international. For a casual meal with friends, family members, you watch a entertainment program. It is more relaxing.
  • Sofa and tea table. This is part of traditions. The first guest to arrive wait. They sit on a sofa and discuss while drinking tea. The last guests to arrive are usually the most important once. The host should arrive in advance so that he can welcome his guests. Though when the host is important, meaning busy, he can arrive late.
  • Chinese calligraphy table with brush and ink. It is always good to show your knowledge of Chinese calligraphy. This is part of Chinese culture. Chinese people value this at lot.