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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hot pot restaurant in China

In China there are many hot pot restaurant.
I think the success of these restaurants has to do with the fact that there is "no cook". The restaurant can save a lot. Customers order some meat and vegetable and they cook it themselves using pots with boiling water.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Older Chinese people survivalists vs younger Chinese people consummers!

In China, I noticed that almost all older Chinese people grow their own food.
They plant vegetable: salads, potatoes...
While younger Chinese people shop at the supermarket. They are pure consummers.

I think that older Chinese people come from the countryside. They are accustomed to grow food. And they have been through harsh times. When food was scarce. They learnt to save and to survive on their own. They are survivalist. They will also DIY to improve their living standards.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Small ads boards in China

Everywhere in Chinese cities, you can find small ads boards.

Chinese people stick ads on this board.
Some ads look for a job, for an appartment to rent.
Some ads offer various services such as cleaning woman, keeping children, delivering food, teachings...
Sometimes you have stranger ads. Such as parents looking for their lost child, man looking for a wife to marry...

I think these ads board represent the Chinese local society and thus are really interesting. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chinese street restaurant

In China you find different kind of restaurant: big restaurants/ street restaurants/ coffee place...

In these videos I show you some street restaurant.
There you can get some noodles for 5rmb. You can also buy some rice dish for 10-15rmb. This includes rice, meat and vegetable.
You can go to eat in these restaurants alone or with some friends. You can eat quickly. These restaurants are kind of Chinese "fast food".

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chinese police fining cars

Chinese police fines cars.

Using smart phones!
It is interesting to notice that the police use some iphone to take pictures of the license plates and send them directly on the police network!

Traffic police efficient work.
In China the traffic police does a great job. There are too many cars who park everywhere, endanger pedestrians and other drivers. It is a good thing that traffic police become less and less lenient.
In order to avoid corruption, traffic policemen come from different location. In the south of China there are the policemen from north China! In north China, you find policemen for south China!
Also when the police stops your car when you drive drunk, they will immediatly take your mobile phone away. Thus you can not call anyone to threaten them!

It is interesting to see that the Chinese traffic police pretends to lock the car wheel so that they can fine them.
In fact, according to the law, they should lock the car wheel. But they can not do it. There are too many cars who park illegaly. There is too much traffic and it would be too much work for the tow truck to handle!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Gyms in China

Gyms appear everywhere in China.
This is a new trend. Chinese people care more and more for their health!
Chinese people want to stay slim, fit and healthy. Chinese people want a nice body, thin for women, body builder for men!

Miracle fitness, a gym franchise you find all over China... a success story.

Gyms strategy in China
I believe that gyms in China follow two distinct strategies:

"Low cost" gyms
"Low cost" gyms offer yearly subscription at very affordable fees: 600, 700, 800 yuan a year! (about 70 euros!).
This fees includes access to all facilities: treadmill, bikes, musculation... You have also access to free classes! There is even a small saune, shower, central air conditioning...

But how can the gyms cope with all these costs?
These gyms open outside of city center so that they benefit from a fair rent and a high inhabitants density.
The gyms encourage members to get a long term contract: 5, 10 years! Many members give up very quickly: lack of motivation, injury...
This is how gym can make money as they invest the subscription fee in the bank.

Up market gyms
Some up market gyms offer very expensive subscription.
These gyms are often located in the city center and they target rich and very rich customers.

The gym market in China is only starting.
The actual offer doesn't fit all needs.
For instance there is still no gym for obese people who want to get slim.
Or there is no gym for children. While many parents worry that their child is too fat and force him to enroll a gym.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Foot massage in China

I try to have a foot massage once a month.
I think it is very healthy. Also these massage place can cure nail and skin disease you might have.

Though you should check that the place has enough customers, as some massage shops are in fact prostitution!
Also regarding the hygiene, you should mind that the worker sterilize and only use disposable plastic for the hot water.
A last advise, you should tell the worker if his massage is too strong otherwise it could be painfull.