Thursday, September 27, 2012

2006-2012: Changes in China and Changsha

In 2006, I lived and worked in Changsha in China. I opened a restaurant and worked at the Chinese Chamber For the Promotion of International Trade CCPIT

In 2012, I come back to Changsha and I witness several changes:

  • Real Estate
Buildings continue to grow, new district appear where before you had nothing but the countryside. I didn’t recognize Changsha when I came back (new roads, hills cut in two, houses and street vanished from the map...). I will show you photos on this website.

  • Chinese speed train
Built in a few year, high speed railways link China from North to South. Train station the size of airport appeared out of nowhere! And another high speed train is almost built: it will link West and East China.

  • Western food...
invaded supermarkets. We still don’t have the same choice as in France. But mainland China has now the same food offer as in Hong Kong! Biscuits, yogourt, Cheedar cheese...

  • Pets
Dogs and cats are now everywhere in China. You could barely find one in 2006!

  • Traffic jams, all types of cars
You have now a wide range of cars. You still don’t have the same choice as in France but almost! Many different colors and models

  • Clothes...
are more raffined. People dress with taste and more harmony. Women use make up. Men use colors with more logic. Famous western brands arrived in Changsha with Louis Vuitton and even Ferragamo ! (Only Hermes and you have them all).

  • Criticismes from young people
I met many Chinese who told me about their broken dreams : low salaries after studying 4 years at the university. In China you can still find a job but for how many years? And jobs you have here don’t pay well at all.
I also heard many criticismes about buying power and increasing prices.

  • Creativity
Chinese people change and create. Many have a strong logical approach and creativity bursts.

In my eyes, the most incredible change in China is Chinese people change :

  1. Chinese people who come back from foreign countries where they worked and studied
  2. Chinese people who work and interact with foreigners in Beijing, Shangsha, Hong Kong and everywhere now in China
  3. Young people 18-20 years old who feed on western culture : clothes, computer games, comics, education. They now share so much with any amerian or european!
  4. Chinese people who are foreign nationals
  5. Chinese people who come from all China and mix (there were no Chinese from other place in 2006 in Changsha : only locals ! Now you have Chinese from everywhere in Changsha… incredible)
  6. The increasing number of foreigners in China and Changsha

What should have taken decades happened in 6 years. Chinese people changed drastictly.

In Changsha in 2012 we find Chinese people from all over China from north to south, west to east.
In 2006 in Changsha you could only find Changsha people or Hunan province Chinese!

They came here to study and even to find some job. Their parents and families live in Beijing in Shanghai where they could find no jobs! China is upside down: migration from the coastal area! the rush to Western China.

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