Thursday, September 27, 2012


I would like to tell you about Christmas in China.
Christmas is a important commercial festival in China. Chinese people welcome this festival. This shows how Chinese people love and integrate western culture.

  • For families, the child is an excuse to celebrate Christmas : you need a christmas tree and you should buy presents.
  • For young people, students, bachelors and couple without children, you should have fun.
  • For companies and administrations, you should celebrate something for the employees.
In a few years, christmas became in China an important festival. Advertisment was able to do this. Companies and medias were able to accomplish this. It shows how Chinese people are so found of all that comes from foreign countries. Many Chinese told me “I would like to have Turkey for Christmas” and asked me in detail what I was doing for Christmas.

During Christmas western restaurants are full. Western chains fully exploits this festivals and other festivals : Starbucks, Mac Donald, KFC, Pizza Hut... For example Mac Donald offer smalls presents to children for Christmas. They can attract whole families.
This works also for all festivals: Valentine, Halloween, New year...

A foreign company doing business in China should know how to use foreign festivals.
For example for Christmas :
Business B to C, Christmas is the time to sell food, clothese, activities
Business B to B, Christmas is the good time to strengthen business relation, make presents, invite
For the company life, it is almost and obligation for the ceo to thanks his employees (in China the ceo is responsable for his employees and should give more than a salary).

To resume, in China festival are an opportunity to spend and to strengthen relations : friendships, network guanxi, love, families

This year I noticed several critics toward Christmas and the foreign new year !
NEVER before in 2006 had I heard any criticism like this!

  1. Several Chinese told me that they would rather stay at home than go out : too many people, too many cars, traffic jam
  2. A friend told me that Christmas and New year are western festival and he would never celebrate them with his family!

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