Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finding a logo for a company in China

Finding the correct logo when you establish a company is not easy. 
In China and in France you will need to understand and analyse the customer profile.
You should understand and analyze the customers profile:

  • professionnals or end customers
  • Men or women
  • Top the market or mass market
  • Etc.

Before leaving for China, Alain and I decided to prepare a logo for the restaurant and our concept.

We proceeded as follow:

  • We launched a competition on this great website
I recommand this website. It allows you to launch logos tournament and have several designers compete and submit their logos.
The pros of this is to receive several logos and step by step make sure what you really need and want.
Also designers come from the whole world. They have different mentality, share different cultural models and ways of thinking. This is very interesting when you have an international project!
However Beware: provide constant feedbacks to the designers in order to motivate and orient them.

  • A french image
For our logo we wanted to give a french image and remain in the clichés known by "all Chinese"

I am using "all Chinese". Even though China is a large country, the market is relatively united. There is in China some broad clichés and way of thinking shared by all Chinese from north to south, younger, older, rich, poor, countryside, cities...
Stills last years changes are incredible and trigger change in the population: you have some different groups new one who share different way of life and thinking. I will tell you about all this.
We thought about: what is France for "Chinese"?
France is:
The Eiffel Tower
Goose liver
French Cancan
Moulin Rouge
These are some of the clichés (there are many more and it will be the subject of some next article)

  • An affordable and simple image matching our concept
Our idea is to develop a concept of simple and affordable restaurant. We don't want to scare with an expensive offer for luxury. Our idea is to offert the biggest number of Chinese people discover french food.
We thought about an animal that could match Chinese clichés about french food and convey a positive, young, open image: the snail

  • Choice of colors
In China colors have a cultural importance.
By belief some colors are synonyms to happiness and wealth. Other colors mean death, unluck...
As opposent to France where people don't mind old belief, Chinese are very sensitive to this (what we would say is superstition: for instance number, festivals, colors... topics I will adress).

Red is a positive color in China. It is the wedding colors.
Yellow is also a positive colors: color of the emperor, colors of gold.
We also thought about blue: the color of France
Finaly we thought about psychologie behind colors. Red is a color used by fast food chains. Red triggers hunger.

  • Moulin Rouge
A designer submit a logo of a snail with Moulin Rouge on his back.
What do you think of the final logo?

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  1. The color scheme seems more Chinese than French; was that intentional?