Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introducing China Non-Stop

China never stops. It is always changing and so are chinese people.

  • As a witness of these change I will share with you my knowledge and reflexions
  • I will try to explain some aspects of China and chinese people

I will also share my project in Changsha capital of Hunan Province:

  • Opening a restaurant with Alain Bernard
  • Importing frenchwhine

There are already many great blogs and website about China. This blog should be different: I don't want to get datas from the internet. All sources will be based on my personnal observation, photos and street surveys.
This blog is not a photo blog or a travel blog. This blog is not a journal about my life in China

In order to provide some factual contents and really try to "understand how chinese think and act", I will proceed as follow:

  1. from my everyday, I want to explain China and chinese people. My sources are photos I take in Changsha and China,my personnal reflexions, my knowledge and experience in China.
  2. I realize mini short surveys and interviews in oder to better understand chinese people.

The content of this website is marketing: "how think and act chinese people" and as follow "Companies success and failure in China", "changes in China". It can help companies to position themselves, follow a price, product, customers strategy. It can help individuals who stay in China and need to follow a personnal strategy for their projects.

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Feel free to write comments and ask questions. 
You can ask that I do some research in China and write about some topic.
You can ask me some mini street survey in China.


  1. I look forward to reading about how your business ventures go. Are you still in China? Maybe I saw it wrong but your blog seems not to have been upadted in a while so I am assuming the story ends with you leaving China or giving up blogging. I just started a recruiting company and I have a blog on my recruiting comapnies website

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