Friday, September 28, 2012

Small jobs in China

With its large population, China has an important cheap labor force. This labor force builds the economic development of the country.

Whereas in France you can search in vain for a job, in China there are still many small jobs to survive. And this is a good thing as state help are not enough to survive. 
The government knows that for social peace it should provice small jobs

There are small jobs for everyone whatever his level of study and experience.
I will tell you about this in several articles. 

There is a change in the small jobs: before non educated people worked as a labour force in factories, in the construction... Now the new small jobs are meant for university graduated: sell, distribute leaflet. All this for a low salary.

Waxing shoes

We are not accustomed to this situation in France, expetially when it is a older woman who does this for you. But then it is natural in China to have clean shoes and not a shame to do this job.

Chinese people are very sensitive to clean shoes. This is another paradoxe : how to keep clean shoes when you live in China ? walk on dirt, step in water, with constant constructions, sands, wind. Only office workers who own big cars can afford never to get dirty shoes?
In the USA, white teeth matter. Here in China clean shoes matter. It is a show of cleaness, education, wealth, respect...
Women clean shoes. They are waiting for customers in pack of 2 or 3. They would rather regroup together and work together. It is more fun and easier to face any occuring difficulties, (police?). They come from the countryside. I am not sure where they live, probably at a parents home.
It costed me 2 rmb. I gave three and that made them so happy. 

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