Friday, September 28, 2012

Visa travel to Hong Kong (2)

In order to obtain the working visa, it is written on the « Commissionner Office » website:
"7, Applicants without HK resident status are required to submit their applications through the Chinese Embassy or consulate office around your resident country."

This mean that you should go back to France in order to make your visa ? 
However in in 2006 you could obten the visa without any problem n Hong Kong (Hong Kong is seen as an autonomous territory. Mainland Chinese even need a visa in order to go to Hong Kong, whereas most foreigners don’t!). 
Back in 2006, I did my working visa in only one day in Hong Kong. This time it took me one week and I was grateful I could still do it in Hong Kong (as contrary to what is written on the official website).

This means that Chinese is strengthening its policy toward foreigners.
It is more difficult to obtain the visa for mainland China (and this is more difficult for french national as compared to all other nationals ! I have heard all need only one day for their working visa in Hong Kong. We need one week).
As we can see from the official commissioner website :there is always a contradiction in China between what is officialy written and what you can in fact do.

The visa problem is very complex and for different reason : 

  • Many Chinese people went abroad and became foreign nationals (Chinese nationality is exclusive). They then came back to China to their home town and even married a Chinese. This gives them a resident permit which allows you to stay in mainland China but doesn’t allow you to work! How can you justify this? And tell these former Chinese national that they not work anymore here in their birth country. Local authority simply close their eyes...
  • The Chinese government applies reciprocity. Therefore they are more strict toward french national, since we have strict measure to deliver visa for France.
  • Mainland China visa became a business and  many from all levels benefit from it.
  • Keeping Hong Kong a special territory gives Hong Kong nationals some real advantages and keep them from complaining. It is also a way to test in one place and keep companies in one place. 

For the working visa you need : the judicial record, birth act and degrees (my university degree will finaly be useful!).You will also need to undergo a medical examination and... check my other post

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