Friday, September 28, 2012

Visa travel to Hong Kong (3)

More photos from Alain 

What stricked me in Hong Kong:
  1. British influence: driving left, similar red lights, similar roads, some good manners
  2. Impressive architecture : a mix between modern buildings and building from 70’s with a special shape same as the subway
  3. The number of Starbucks and commercial centers, show of wealth : Hong Kong is the city of shopping and luxury for mainland Chinese. Macao is the city of games and pleasure
  4. Hong Kong population avant guardist. I saw in Hong Kong concepts and designs that main brands launch first there before going for mainland Chinese

Hong Kong is a window for China with the fairs, a special fiscality, a lab for foreign brands.

Many companies are based primarily in Hong Kong and Singapor. This is mainly due to the fiscality but also many foreign expert didn’t want to live in mainland Chine: too much pollution, too little education... At least I have heard this from many… weird. 
The famous british ferry, Hong Kong symbol that you should take in order to reach the city center. You can also take the subway and avoid the ferry. 

This tower is symbol of modernity in Hong Kong. It is at sea level and the same heigh as the island!

You can see street on two floors in the city center

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