Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chess players

In the restaurant street Nan Hu road, there are many pharmacies and old people spend time seating in front of pharmacies. They play Chinese chess.

This is a generation thing.
It is China you can see this very clearly:
  •  Older Chinese men play Chinese chess
  • Thirty, fourty, fifthy years old men and women play play Mahjong
  • Younger Chinese play less and less Mahjong and more online games like Poker

This is very interesting since of course the reflexion and interactions of the different games are not the same.
You can see also that no woman ever plays Chinese Chess. Why is that?

You can clearly see three generations: 
  • the older one from pre-communist or beginning of communist era
  • the thirty, fourty, fifthy years old generation "Deng Xiaoping"
  • the twenty, thirty years old, "generation america": i-phone and computer

But there is one thing in common: Chinese always bet money when they play.

Sometimes you can bet and play in the street against a Chess master. He will play several games at the same time. If you beat him, you can win money.
You can also solve some Chess enigma: win in 3...

Behind a Chinese medecine pharmacy

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