Thursday, October 25, 2012

China: the gap rich and poor

This video speaks for itself. You can see nice cars, modern expensive buildings and the coal delivery.
Many small businesses, restaurants, street food in China use coals.

The biggest challenge in China is the gap between rich and poor. You can clearly witness richer and richer Chinese while many Chinese remain very poor.

I have two thoughts about this situation:
  • No doubt that until today Chinese have all been getting better off. However the crisis threatens these improvements: it is now not sure that all Chinese are getting better off... 
  • Also the problem is the gap rich/ poor. It doesn't matter that all Chinese get better. The problem is when many start to notice this gap and to complain about it...


  1. This is what saddens me the most about China - I hope something can be done, and something must be done, and soon! Wonder if the government is listening?

    I have done my own ranting on my site and through my books, but...

    1. You are right sometimes it looks very sad. I really feel bad about it. I wouldn't dare drive expensive sport cars as many do... a real shame.

      Hopefully many of the "poor" in China don't feel too miserable. They don't think much about their condition and accept this gap. Also they have little education and if they compare themselves to their parents they still feel better off.

      I think the worst condition apply to the one who work in mines, in some construction, factories or wasteland.

      Also there are now the new poor category: "the ants" young educated Chinese who don't find well paid job. Of course their jobs are not manual jobs but still the pay is really low. And you should consider the education level.

  2. Many people may not complain openly, or seem to accept their lot, blaming it as their fate, but something has got to change - You know why the Communists succeeded in China? That was a time when the rich was richer and poor poorer, and the huge disparity in the society was wide-spread. Then Bang, revolution!

    Yes, not sure if life is really better off for everyone - there was a time when a university graduate would have a job for life (iron rice bowls) - now they are lucky to get one, not to mention the pay :)

    1. Still in nowadays China people don't suffer hunger or die from it. Maybe as the pollution damage everything, depletes water and food, some 20/40 years from now it will come back... if you think about it: China can not feed its population without import + chemicals, pumping water...

      Criticism get stronger here, this is what I noticed as I came back this year as compared to 2006 when all was great. I say China is getting closer to the desillusion era (we in France alreaday reached this phase). But I think Chinese are a people who accept a lot. Mabye, buddhism or communist mentality or this has to do with the China from the emperor?

      Another thing is: I am not sure wether the Chinese government control China policy: what about big companies influence on politics + local politics are strong and differ greatly with central gov... It is all very complex. (you see in Europe there is no doubt companies took over getting gov to give them cheap labour, less education, wars... people are nothing, politician are puppets).