Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chinese roads

As the number of cars in China explodes, circulation rules are becoming more stricts. Government is not joking anymore with drunk drivers. Driving drunk can mean "jail" (reeducation) penalty, supression of driving license for 6 months and a heavy fine !

Driving in China is risky:

  • Driving in China is rough as many vehicles share the roads and sidewalk: scooters, luxury cars, trucks, bikes, scooter taxis, illegal taxis, carts...
  • In China people have little rules when driving : zigzag, use of horn, no respect of stop,signs, red lights, no priority on the right, driving on the wrong way, no respect of pedestrian ways... 
  • Bad state of roads in Changsha due to climatic changes, and incessant works (now the subway, tomorrow...). In fact Chinese administration don't planify. In some places they rebuilt the roads 3 or 4 times!
  • No one respect the different roads: scooter go on the main road, pedestrian walk on the main road and cross everywhere, cars and scooters, bike invade the sidewalk! This is chaos! But in many street you can not respect any rules. If you don't use the pedestrian way you can not pass at all!

A few advises:

  • Honk is used in China as a driving tool: when you pass another car you should honk just in case, if you don't intend to stop and let a pedestrian cross or another car pass first, then you should honk. 
  • Don't trust any driving rules: lights, priority on the right, stop sign, roundabout...
  • Take care of the car or vehicle in front of you

Who is stronger?: vehicle categories!
  • Trucks are stronger than cars
  • Cars are stronger than moto
  • Moto are stronger than bike
  • Bike are stronger than people… Between cars there is also a ranking

In the cars category:

  • very expensive cars (cadillac, ferrari…) above all. Amazed and scared by your power, wealth, other vehicle let you go first
  • waste cars are stronger than all other cars: drivers are so afraid for thei car that they won't take the risk to damage it

A hole on the road

A moto transports gaz cylinder

A cart: this man picks up plastic, paper and gives you a little money in exchange. 
Some carts come to pick up food from restaurant to feed to pigs. Other deliver coals.

A new car with no immatriculation. It is forbidden but still very common in China. 

Chinese mentality : you get inside a street, a car follows you, another follows and another the road in front is blocked, it is not possible to turn around!
Nobody wants to give way and you have a traffic jam that can take hours!

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