Monday, October 29, 2012

Chinese stereotypes: the ideal wealthy man and woman

I want to show you two magazines advertisements for luxury products. The two pictures come from the same magazine.
I find them very interesting. They tell us a lot on the way wealthy Chinese imagine the “Chinese ideal man and woman”.

The Chinese ideal wealthy man.

He drives a beautiful, impressive, big powerful car.
He wears a grey suit. Today you can stand out with grey suit, no more offical black suit as opposed to a few years ago.).
He takes the plane (right end corner).
He takes the fast train (speed train railway station in the background).

The Chinese ideal wealthy woman

She dresses like a princess. 
She is the beautiful house woman: she stays in a nice home. She is even sitting on double bed! This suggest that she should have a child and raise him while her husband is doing business and making money.