Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chopsticks delivery

Most Chinese restaurants don’t clean dishes. They have contract out! Everyday they get chopsticks and bowls delivered under plastic wrap.
Unfortunately we must clean dishes… there is still no contractor service for western restaurants, knives, forks and plates.

This delivery system is a good things since restaurant will use real chopstick and re-use them. They won't use wooden chopstick and plastic plate that you throw after one use.

However several Chinese people tell me that the contractor don't clean well the chopstick and bowls. Therefore you should wach them with hot tea before using them.

In China you have three different kinds of restaurant:

  1. Expensive restaurant: they use expensive cuttleries and wash themselves
  2. Most restaurant: they ask contractors to clean dishes
  3. Small restaurant and fast food: they will use wooden chopsticks and one use plates

1 comment:

  1. Actually most of the restaurants in China use chopstick as common food utensils and they usually use wooden or disposable chopstick. Some Chinese bring their own personalized chopsticks for safe cause they knew some issue about disposable chopsticks.