Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Decoration work french restaurant China

We needed to open a window. The window at the back can not be used it was hidden by the restaurant billboard. We sealed the window.

 On the first floor we built a wall to delimit the kitchen.

On the second floor we imagined some separation to delimit spaces. Chinese want some privacy in coffee place, restaurant, tea houses, western restaurants. They want protection.

This is also one of the success key to Mac Donald, KFC, Pizza Hut or Starbuck : the design: a certain intimacy while sharing one main a room and having enough noise to create some Chinese restaurant dining environment (as opposed to western restaurant, Chinese restaurant are very noisy more like french brasseries).

Building the bar on the first floor.
I am always surprised to see how with a few wooden plank you can build a beautiful bar covered with a few stones.
I found the model of the bar on the internet, as well as most decoration elements.
With Alain we went to Paris antic market "les puces", a great inspiration source for Chinese. They copy and produce exactly the same antics in factories. 

With the disposition of the bar on the first floor we want to have take away sales. Chinese become more western following Hong Kong. Take away sales are more important in mainland China even for coffee, bakeries etc.

We installed the steps and some red tiles for more prestige and to be more visible. Red is a color that Chinese people love. In between tiles we wanted white ciment… never mind.
Big problem however, the steps are slippery because the stone i low quality : too late to change this now. We will look for a carpet. 

It rains in march and april in Changsha. But the weather became warmer after the cold winter.

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