Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Decoration work french restaurant China

The decoration work goes on.

Installing the kitchen ventilation system.
In order to open a restaurant it is very important to check the place where you build the kitchen airduct pipe… It can cost a lot : the engine shouldn't be too noisy and the kitchen pipe should arrive at roof size ! 20 meter of metallics tube to build: a square pipe is cheaper. The price varies according to the shape and quality of the material : aluminium, steel…

We should add the engine in the kitchen, some pipe inside and  outside. We are lucky as we didn't have to build the pipe up to the roof!

Since the room is small in order to benefit from a low rent, we should get more space and build on two floors.
But the ceiling is a little low. So we had the idea to leave a empty space on the second floor: a hole to give more space and attract customers to the second floor (where you find most seats).

We installed a ceiling light on the the second floor above the hole and some safety barreer. 
A ceiling light conveys a prestige, romance, french, fashion image...

The stair doesn't waste space.

Lamps and a big miror (another "french touch").
The lamps are nice but they provide too much lights... It is a big problem. From 7 pm in China, western restaurants become quiet coffee place. Customers like to stay in the dark. Our lights are too shiny!

The door leads to the kitchen. We ordered a kitchen door without any handle and with a window. It was difficult to order. We had some specific requests and no quantity: we need a plexiglass window that doesn’t break, a groom to close the door automaticaly... and all this at a fair price.

The door arrives in seven days.

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