Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Decoration work restaurant China : building the second floor

The local we rent was formely used as a warehouse. This shows how Chinese cities change. The local was used to storage and sell some construction materials, peint, ciment. Now these shops progressively disappear and instead you have some small commerce: food products, clothes....

China transforms and so do cities:
  1. Rural China
  2. Realestate and industry China
  3. Service and commerce China

The holes on the walls make me think about Loches castle in France: floors where built in the exact same way.
Workers build new holes. The older one are too high and the ceiling too low.
In the background you can see the bus stop.

The floor is built at last. Alain thought a lot how to position : kitchen, main room, stairs and waste less space as possible...

 On the second floor there was a old Mao Tsé Toung poster.

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