Friday, October 26, 2012

Dentist in China: Chinese intimacy

Lack of privacy
In China dentists are often located on the ground floor. 
This is very interesting as it shows that Chinese privacy differs from our "western" privacy.

Chinese customers are not annoyed that people see them while they get teeth pulled out. 

In Europe we would feel disturbed:

  • disgusted 
  • or ashamed that other can see us in this uncomfortable position!
Anything that has to do with our body or health is part of our privacy. Chinese don't have this same pudeur.
This is kind of awkward: Chinese people don't like when you touch them, kiss them for greetings for instance. At the same time they don't mind showing their body in some sauna or going to the dentist on the ground floor.

It is even the opposite: watching a dentist at work is a good way to advertise!
However we should note that this is changing. More rich Chinese people would rather go to expensive and out of sight dentist office

Chinese dentists
Overall, Chinese dentists are not expensive and have a good training ! 
Even though private modern, design hospitals bring together health service including dentist at expensive price. 

Note that there is the same trend for hairdressers, restaurants… from small, zero decoration shop, to modern, design franchises... price follow this change.

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