Tuesday, October 2, 2012

French restaurant decoration in China

Installing the floor
It is again the same problem. The floor quality is poor even though we asked a famous decoration company…
In fact decoration companies offer cheaper quote to attract the customers. Then they use poor quality materials to keep their margins.

The supervizer of the work also wants to keep his margin, he will work faster and dash the work. He will also recruit poor employees: his family... Thus he can win the construction work while offering the best quote! while still keeping his margins. 
He can also try to blackmail the customers: the quote doesn't cover this or that... he will ask for lot more money than primarily discussed...

This happened to us: the construction supervizer thought that being foreigners we had a lot of money.
He invited us at lunch time and offered some cigarette. 
But you should know in China whenever someone makes a present it is never free! whenever someone invites you it is never a real invitation! it is like a oral contract!
After this the supervizer expected that we would give him extra money for his work and not only the money we paid to the decoration team from the contract quote. There was then many shouts, threatenings and quarrels when he found out that we were not going to give him any extra money.

This is also part of Chinese culture: you should always make presents to public administrations but also to private companies and individuals. We should have given small presents to the decoration team. Presents are same as tips, they are supposed to complete the salary. They are part of the management. If you don't make any present, sooner or later you will have to pay more. But if you give too many or expensive presents you will appear as weak and easy money.

We asked for a Eiffel Tower painting on the wall in order to attract customers to the second floor !
These young people are very different from construction workers: they all have university degree and strong creativity.

The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of France and romance, beauty, dream, prestige...
It is used everywhere in China: wine, clothes, food, cosmectics...

The painting job was tough as the construction workers used poor quality white painting on the wall. Once again in order to cut their costs.

We changed the lamps for some spots.

It was very difficult to change the lamps:

  •  Many Chinese people only look at the costs: cheaper= the best
  • In China, Chinese individuals have their own interest and no matter what you ask them, if it is not in their  own interest they will always try to convince you their way.

For instance: the electricity worker doesn't want to change the lamps so that he will try to convince you that it is useless and that would look ugly

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