Monday, October 1, 2012

Hunan Province and Changsha

A quick introduction about Hunan Province and Changsha.

Hunan is a Province in Central China
It is the native Province of Mao Tsé Toung.

Number of inhabitants:
65 millions


Meaning of the name :
In Chinese Hu means Lake. Nan means South. Hunan means south of the lake.
Hubei is a province north of the lake. In Wuhan capital city of Hubei province you find the french consulate, the french alliance and an important french community around PSA french car manufacturer.

Foreigners in Hunan province
There are still not many foreigners in Hunan province:

  • In 2006, there were about 6 french people in Changsha! Now probably 25?
  • The largest community of foreigners is Pakistan people. They are mainly students in computering and Chinese medecine. 
  • You have then americans: foreign teachers and students. You have also many different african nationals most of them students.
  • Changsha has an important German community with Bosch company. There is also a school created by German people to teach blind people to traditionnal massage. Unfortunately I still didn’t have time to go there. There is also a German baker in Changsha who trains deaf people. 
  • There are many Korean companies. Korean tourists rush to visit Zhangjiajie : a famous touristic place in Korea (symbol of love and world inheritage). 
  • Japanese are also very present (50 to 100 Japanese people?) in Changsha with several companies.

Industries et ressources
According to the central government, Hunan Province is a top priority development zone together with Chongqing in the west and Xi An and...

Hunan is very wealthy in natural resources: forest, rare plants, rice, rare minerals. Industries are rail, car manufacturing, food (tabac, cotton, rice, aquaculture...), medecine, media (Hunan television is one of the most popular in China. Beijing even forbided some shows in order to minimize the importance of Hunan TV as opposed to the national Chanel). 


Number of inhabitants
8 millions

A changing city :
Changsha is a priority for Beijing.
The city is building an important subway network.
Changsha should merge together with its two neighbours (Xiangtan 3 millions and Zhuzhou 2,5 millions). This would make it a major city in central China (similar to Wuhan which merged with its two neighbours a few years ago). There has been talk of this for decades now but it seems now this is for real. It should happen in 5 years? 
Changsha is a high buying power city.
Even though salaries are lower than those of the coastal cities, it is still possible to find a living place for rent at fair prices (1000 rmb a month in the close suburb ! 2500 in city center for a modern 50m²appartement).
Changsha inhabitants spend a lot. Maybe more than elswhere in China for going out night clubs, restaurants.

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