Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Money transport, safety and police in China

Money transfer guards with their round helmet. They make me think to playmobiles and very relaxed.

In China bank robbery almost never occur. China must be one of the safest country in the world.
However there are other forms of violence in China : racket, blackmailing, prostitution...
You should beware of drinking. Chinese people drink and for a woman, situation can become dangerous. Many men have knives or cutters. 

Also you should not forget that being a foreigner in China in cas of trouble you will always be "more guilty" than a Chinese.
Let me explain this:

  1. For the other Chinese if they see some fight between a foreigner and a Chinese most Chinese will take side for the Chinese
  2. For the police they want to avoid trouble. They will try first to cover themselves. Whenever a foreigner is involve this mean trouble since foreigners are still something special in China. 

For instance, if there is a bar fight between a foreigner and a Chinese:

  • this can mean that some article could be published in a newspaper
  • This can mean that this issue will go up to higher authorities and the bar could be shut down
  • This can mean that the district police will be fired, other police will use this opportunity in order to settler their internal fight. Maybe the district police will be held responsible
  • Maybe you could find illegal drugs in the bar or prostitution
  • Maybe the bar owner has a strong network and is an important cash revenu for the police
  • Maybe the Chinese you fought has an important network, guanxi
  • Maybe the police is simply dishonest and want to use this opportunity

Anyway in case of trouble, my advise: 
run away, or ask some Chinese to settle the matter, call some good friend, important contact, some high official who can help

Since if the police comes you can never be sure even you are in your good right. 
From what I told you above:

  • Police could make you sign a fake deposition and just tell you: "sign here", trick you...
  • Police could threaten you so that you don't ask compensation and don't talk to anyone about the issue

Worth even you have no responsability in the event, the police will anyway write down your name in some computer files! And this means you were involved in some bar fight, or you were involved in a car accident. Thereafter it doesn't matter that you were the victim that a car knocked you down or that you were attacked in a bar by drunk Chinese, your name is in the computer and this is the same as guilty...

One last point: the fact that you are so special to the authorities and the police will also help greatly. It is a great weapon. 
In case of a disagreement with a Chinese you can always threaten that you will call the police. Of you course you must never call the police because you can not predict the issue fully. But you want the Chinese to believe that you will call the police since this certainly means trouble for him (except he has some very important network).

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