Sunday, October 7, 2012

Napoléon everywhere

In China people love clichés : it is a way to sell products : the Eiffel Tower, the american flag, Napoleon...
New clichés can appear very clickly due to media, internet, the sucess of a tv soap opera, the travel of a actress or star. 
For example: a TV sopa opera shot Mimosa field in the south of France. It made this part of France, Provence a romantic and fashion travel destination for Chinese people. Now you can see Mimosa field on many advertisments in China! 

Here Napoleon is used to emphasize on quality for a rice brand : I am not sure about the logic ? Probably Napoleon symbolize strength, prestige, victory, triumph and quality ?

I have often seen Napoleon painting from David, Napoleon Crossing St Bernard on his horse (as seen on the rice) in... KTV and massage salon! For Chinese is this some kind of erotic painting? or simply prestige?

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