Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nearby the restaurant… Changsha main fabric market

Where to find this market?

It is at the end of NanHu Road nearby the river:

Down Nan Hu Road, there is a clothes and fabric market (the main on in Changsha) and some new construction. If you want to order some sewing, a suit, a clothe, you should go there!

There will be soon a tunnel below the river. Since the traffic increased a lot, there are many traffic jams on Changsha main bridge so this is a good thing! It should be finished by 2013 or 2014.

Chinese pyjamas… soon to become a best seller in France ! In South China there are no heating in homes except in modern appartements, administrations, commercial centers. We stay in pyjamas all day and eat a lot. In the north of China, Beijing there are some heatings in modern appartement.

I always wondered why in China during winter when it is minus zero outside, Chinese like to open windows and sit in the cold and in the wind. My sister in law always say that you need some fresh air in the room. And then she burn some incense.

Because of this I tend to catch cold quite often in winter...

One day I understood why Chinese people do this! It has to do with Karma! Karma should respect many rules in order to avoid bad Karma! you should always get bad energies out of the room. It means plenty of wind and fresh air! For me this sounds crazy! Why not open the window 5 minutes but 3 hours: please no. I tend to think this is the same as in Europe when we used bleeding to take unpure blood out.
Karma takes many shapes: for instance it is not good to have a door in front of your bed feet, or a mirror. Your spirit will get out of the body at night and shouldn't see himself in the mirror!
If you know these rules, then you understand many Chinese ways. But even Chinese don't know wht they do things. It became some habit for them.

 Poor and rich


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