Monday, October 8, 2012

Professionnal Meat market in Changsha

We find in Changsha two markets for fresh meat (non frozen meat) : 

  1. one behind the old train station adjacent to the fish and seafood market
  2. one in Changsha peripherie Hongxin market when you go down Shaoshan Road after South Central University, Woman university, just next to the west bus station.

The market is well organized in sectors according to different products: meat/ vegetable/ delivery/ packed products/ living animals...
In one sector, trucks arrive. We also have a market for sales in big quantities and a district for selling small quantities.

Often a family comes for several days, weeks and lives inside its truck the time to sell all its goods! 
for example: a potatoe truck or a watermelon truck!

Animals come alive in the trucks.

Caution: viewer discretion advised

Taking away feathers

 Outside of the market the waste

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