Tuesday, October 2, 2012

QQ messenger: more important than a phone number in China

QQ messenger is a necessity in China. I would say it became more important than having a phone number!

QQ International http://www.imqq.com/

  • QQ is a must in China in order to communicate and develop your network

It is a little similar to MSN but don't make any mistake. QQ has nothing to do with MSN. It reached the next level as a communication tool. I wonder that foreigners in China don’t all use QQ. 

A few years ago QQ was mainly used like facebook : only by younger Chinese and for small talks with friends. 
Today QQ is used by all generation and to establish business relations : communicate with customers, meet people or find a girlfriend.

  • In China you have no answering machine on phone: you can never leave a message! Why is that? Because of QQ! 
You won’t leave a message and call, you will simply send a small texto with QQ and get quick answer. Whereas in France we would rather talk to people, Chinese like to simply chat with QQ.

If you interact with Chinese, you should add a QQ number on your visit cards. QQ is accessible from everywhere, from anymobile phone. Most Chinese have their account turn on all the time; days and nights. They can send and receive messages whenever they want. 

  • I believe that it helps Chinese people to meet people : QQ answers a need from Chinese culture
In China if someone asks for your phone number it is difficult to refuse. Also Chinese people are shy. With QQ you will learn to know people first and chat with them. QQ allows to create a first contact without any risk. Once you know people better you can meet them.

For instance:
You echange some visit card.
You add Chinese people QQ to yours.
Later on you can chat with them on QQ and threngthen your relations, learn to know them.
Then you can invite them and see them face to face. Since in China you should first be “friend” in order to make business. Chinese people have a networking vision of sale: a friend must buy his friend products since he is a friend (and not because the products quality or price...). 

Another example:
You use a mobile phone application in order to locate all the QQ users near you!
You are at a bar, you check QQ and find out other QQ users nearby, you can simply contact them and chat then meet them face to face.
You should not that QQ is still not used by the older generation: 40 and above.

  • As a foreigner QQ can be a very useful communication tool ! Even though you can not speak Chinese you can use QQ and use translation tools such as google translate. 

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