Friday, October 12, 2012

Snickers in China: product sucess and famous brand

The packaging emphasizes on nuts, caramel, the abundance of bars inside one pack, the brand...

 Snicker bar smaller format suitable for Chinese customers

We can see: nuts, chocolate, caramel. But the proportions are different as compared to the french Snickers!

I want to tell you about a successful product story in China: Snickers bars

  • As for the taste, Snickers is perfectly adapted to Chinese customers tastes: nuts, chocolate and caramel; a winning combination.

The product is proportioned according to Chinese taste: more nuts, less chocolate. 

The product size is also much smaller for Chinese consummers: 1/2 or 1/3 of the original european size.

Two formats are offered to different customers. The strategy is simple: attract new customers, such as families, children with a small format. Once customers get addicted to chocolate, caramel, they switch to the bigger format!

  • Building a strong brand in China

A widely distributed product in China:
In 2005, 2007 you could find Snickers only in "foreign" supermarkets: Carrefour and Wall-Mart

Today you find Snickers bars almost everywhere in most groceries. 
This is truly incredible! How can Mars managed to distribute widely its products in all small groceries? I am not sure. Anyway this is a real feat. Small grocerie stores have an important position in Chinese distribution circuit since most chinese customers will shop at local groceries and shops, not often in Supermarkets (even though this is changing quickly).

In order to strengthen the brand: a neat packaging, fashion and young. You find some special packagings including 4 Snickers bars. This packaging is amazing, fashion, design, modern, prestige... all this for 4 Snickers! This is part of the strategy to set a product standing while keeping a young and "affordable" feature. Snickers bars are not cheap. However the brand image is enough to make new customers try.

The brand uses sport: basket but also wealthy youth sports (young people who have a buying power thanks to the parents and grand parents): badminton, swimming, horse riding...

The brand wants to communicate on health: eat Snickers and keep fit. If you are young, a student, do sport, work on computer... This is a communication strategy similar to Mac Donald's. It works well with parents, young people.
Once they taste it Chinese customers will like the product: taste it and adopt it! Chinese people are more and more sugar dependant.

Mars Group uses internet as a communication mean. Internet is an awesome communication mean in China, expecially when your target customers are young people.

We can only admire Snickers strategy in China, Mars developped the good product while building a strong brand, strong enough to dissuade any copies in the near future.

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