Monday, October 15, 2012

Street life China

I took a few pictures for you:

On the right side, soon new modern buildings, on the left old houses. They disappear quickly.

Heating coal for cooking

Frogs and crawfish. Frog meat tastes like chicken only that there is too little meat and many bones. Crawfish are cooked with spicies and a lot of sauce. Delicious but a little difficult to eat.

Itinerant shops not far from my home. In fact all these itinerant vendors are forbiden. They display their goods on the street. Police let them do in exchange most of the time for a small fee. I am always surprised how the shops organize themselves with little problem: at 5pm: on one side you find clothes, on the other side street food. Each shop keeps to its place.

Most of the products you find are fake or come from factories. As long as you know price you can make good deals. 

In the middle of Nan Hu Road

The construction of the subway on the top of  Nan Hu Road on Furong Road.

In front of Changsha train station, a migrant worker...

... he watches a free movie on a large screen

With the construction of the subway, the train station and Wu Yi road, Changsha main avenue is changing.

Older buildings on Wu Yi road are destroyed. Soon the main Avenue will look like Shanghai and Beijing: huge modern buildings on both sides.

6pm, Changsha people are going back home from their offices: important traffic jams.

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