Sunday, October 21, 2012

Street surveys in China

In order to better understand what Chinese people think and want, I will realize some short surveys.


  • These surveys are street surveys
  • I will ask at least 100 Chinese people per survey
  • The surveys are conducted in central China, in Changsha 

I write then try to analyze the collected datas while dividing the Chinese pooled into different groups according to age, revenu...

Survey topics

  • The surveys will cover various topics such as: favourites colors, beauty, brands...
  • You can suggest some surveys. I will be glad to conduct the survey for you in my free time. Write a comment below in order to ask me-suggest a specific survey


  1. Can you do a survey about the One Child Policy , what they think about being in the 2012 long tome from when the law started? Or is hard to talk about that?

    1. Very good suggestion! I think it is ok to talk about it as long as you ask in a good way (not from a negative perspective).

      What questions do you think I should ask? Let me know some questions.
      I will then write the survey and show it here before asking people.

      Maybe there is a change in the perception of the one child policy since you can pay in order to have more than one children. In fact there are many inequalities in this one child policy: one child for some, many children for others depending on place you live/ money/ network/ minority group...

      Also the one child policy means no more cheap workers in a decade or so... Should Beijing change this policy or ask for foreign labour?

      And the one child policy changed during the years: sometimes It was very strict sometimes lenient.