Monday, October 8, 2012

Supplying the restaurant

Many of our customers ask us how we get supplies for french food. 

  • In fact we can find most of basics the ingredients in China : flour, eggs, meat…

  • As for the specific ingredients we can fin them via several suppliers in Changsha. This was not the case a few years ago. Today you can find at cheap price some western ingredients. On one side the market changed and more Chinese people developped western taste. On the other side you can find western ingredients such as cheese at fair price even in central China.

Specific ingredients : butter, cheese, cream, mascarpone, flours, yeast… can be found in some specialized company like Nestle or in some specialized market or at Metro.
It is still impotant to make sure that a supplier can be trusted (that he can ensire regular supplies in the long run). You also need to compare price as difference can be very importants from one supplier to the next.

I will tell you about the different suppliers and markets in further articles

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