Saturday, October 27, 2012

Taxis in China and Changsha

Everytime I take the taxi, I try to get some informations about this profession in Changsha and in China.

This is what I found out. Taxis in Changsha and China:
  • There are about 7500 taxis in Changsha (14 000 in Paris).
  • Usually 2 drivers share one same vehicule licence and work 12 hours each. Sometimes they are three. 
  • In order to become a taxi driver, you should pass some exam and get a driver licence. You can see the drivers licences in front of the car facing the window. 
  • To acquire a taxi licence, you should pay 30 000 rmb in Changsha and 60 000 rmb in Beijing and Shanghai. Even though there is no more licence for sale. The number of taxi is limited same as in France. A driver told me that you need 5 to 6 years in order to come back on the initial investment : the car and the driving licence.
  • In Changsha the minimum charge is 6 rmb, but 8 or 12 rmb in Shanghai. However due to the density of traffic in cities like Beijing or Shanghai, it is difficult to become rich by driving a taxi. Traffic jams result in a major taxi shortage. All taxis are stuck in the traffic ! 
  • The traffic jams result in a taxi shortage: taxis are stuck in traffic!
As a consequence, black illegal taxis thrive : individuals eager to make money drive taxis. You also have moto taxis: this is more convenient and faster.

Traffic jams, a good thing for car industry in China:
In fact traffic jams are positive for car industry !
Pedestrians wait in vain for a taxi, a bus. They are tired of this and finaly buy their own car.

Solving traffic jams in China:

  • Let's hope that soon Chinese police and authorities can regulate the traffic, keep clear taxis lanes, electrical bikes lanes, buses lanes!
  • In Changsha the subway will soon open and this will ease traffic a lot!

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