Friday, October 26, 2012

The "Chinese housewife jars"

Today Chinese middle class consumers are willing to balance product caracteristics and price!

I want to tell you about the Chinese housewife jars.

This simple product reveals the change in mentality from the Chinese middle class:
  • In 2006, Chinese housewives used traditionnal glass jars

These jars are a core product in traditionnal China. They are used to preserve alcoohol and dishes (in vinegar or Chinese Kimchi in some different jar).
These jars look nice but they are not convenient: they break easily, you can not carry them easily, the cork is simple.

  • In 2012, these jars almost totaly disappear. Instead you find new modern jars.
This new product doesn't break easily and it is easy to carry around.

Of course the new jars are twice as expensive as the old jars! This is a very important difference. Today even the Chinese housewife is willing to pay the price for a better product.

The Chinese middle class is willing to pay more and to balance the price and product adavantages, product caracteristics: solidity, transportable, special core.
This kind of reflexion from the Chinese buyer would have NEVER happened back in 2006.

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