Thursday, October 4, 2012

University studies = upward social mobiltiy in China ?

These recent years studying in China was a guarantee to find a job and some kind of upward social mobility. Today with the crisis, it becomes more complicated for fresh graduate: small salaries, moving all over China to find a job, jobs that don’t really match expectation and university degree.

Can studies facilitate upward social mobility in China?

  • The network, guanxi, is the only guarantie to find a job that matches your expectation 

  • However university studies in China or abroad can help: 
  1. Guanxi alone is not always enough. A few years ago you work as a translator without knowing any English. You could even buy your job. Now this can be done less and less
  2. Depending on the studies and the skills you learnt you can find a "decent job"

However too many Chinese people follow the wrong studies. Why is that?

  • Chinese parents all make the same mistake: knowing nothing or very little about studies, they send their children always toward the same studies : business, business… Cliches and cliches. There are too many business graduated. Parents want their children to be a businessman or a lawyer, an ingeneer. 
  • Private companies don't advise Chinese people well: they send them abroad to follow the wrong studies, to learn skills that won't give them a decent job. Most of these companies have little knowledge of studies abroad and the job market
  • Young Chinese people have no clue what they want to do and little understanding of the labour work

This is a pity as in China there are still some very usefull skills you can learn abroad and use back in China : cooking dessert and cakes, wine, decoration, advertising, flowers, jewelry, stone, carving wood skills, online marketing, designer for small appartments and small businesses…

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