Sunday, October 28, 2012

Video: Changsha city firework

Hunan province is known for its fireworks industry.
Due to the crisis, Changsha city decided to help the firework companies: they organize a big firework every friday.

This event is beautiful. However it costs a lot of public money (I don't remember how much I was once told). 

EDIT: This event cost 200 000 rmb every week.

This is the price to help the firework companies and save jobs. Still I am not sure which lucky firework companies get the privilege to organize this public firework event...


  1. You are wrong, Changsha fireworks show is not help those fireworks companies and save jobs. That's Changsha government wants to make Changsha Orange Island as a weekend tour place, so they require those fireworks companies support them. Actually, those fireworks companies no money to earn for this show, they are also don't want to make it. I'm come from Liuyang(hometown of fireworks), near in Changsha(50KM)

    1. So it means the firework is paid by Changsha city. They pay some firework company.

      Obviously firework company don't work for free! ;-)

      Someone who works for a firework company told me this and he once gave me the cost of this event. I can't remember though.

      You are right, also it is true Changsha city wants to make Orange Island a touristic spot.