Monday, October 1, 2012

Visa travel to Hong Kong (5)

Alain came back to Chansgha. 

The travel back.

Queuing to buy a train ticket

The border between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, arrival in Shenzhen. In the background you can see the train station.

Taking seats in the train

The salesmen in the train: terrible nuisance ! During all the trip they try to sell their products same as on a market: food, dried noddles, water, fruits, children plays, unbreakablke socks, computer to rent ! arggg!!!
They walk up and down the train shouting to attract customers !

And they are not the only one to disturb you. There is also the person in charge of each car. He shouts and wakes you up at every stop. There is another one who sweeps the floor during the whole travel! (Chinese people spit and throw wastes on the floor: packaging, food...). There is also the one who picks up empty bottles, the music from the loudspeakers and many more disturbance in slow train.

I have even seen clever farmers who sell their fruits at cheaper price while the train staff is not looking !

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