Friday, November 2, 2012

"Anti-Japan" demonstration in Changsha

There were two waves of "anti-japan" demonstrations in Changsha.
It is very interesting to analyze these demonstrations.

There are students who demonstrate to protest against Japan and show their devotion to China.

I was a little sceptical toward this demonstration : 30 or 40 students, 10 policemen, 10 journalists and photographs. They stop in the middle of Wuyi Road, Changsha main Road and take photos for medias under the supervizion of police.

This led me to ask several questions : which students decide to demonstrate ? How can they organize the demonstration? Did they contact the authorities ? What is the minimum number required to demonstrate ?

Changsha has a relatively important Japanese community (perhaps the fifth after Pakistanese, Americans, Germans, Korean ?). I hope that the situation will calm down between Japan and China. 

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