Saturday, November 3, 2012

China 5000 years history

In Carrefour supermarket, a notebook for children.
This cover is very interesting: greatness of Chinese history 5000 years history (4000 or 5000? sensible subject...) and the Chinese rocket.
I always wonder how can you take pride in 5000 years history, if there is little left of it.
Let's assume that there is 5000 years Chinese history. 

What has this history to do with a Chinese man from today?
Of course: writing and food

What about the rest? 

Maybe short term history influence today's Chinese. Maybe unconsciously the thousands years history direct people's behaviours and way of thinking?

Thanks to the great comments on facebook I would like to add a little more and share my opinion.

  •  I believe that 5000 years history (I will just use the words of a facebooker) "is a way to booster the national confidence of a young nation stepping from isolation and third world status onto the world stage to become a major and in many ways dominating player in less than 2 generations"
  • Of course this is the will of Beijing to boost nationalism
  • Not only this is also what Chinese customers want to buy and how they want to feel!
  • If you think about it: this kind of book cover would be banned in France as we experience now the total opposite behaviour: negation of nationalism. Also as a facebooker raised: you had similar books some 30 years ago in Supermarket. Today it is not politicaly correct

When you think about it 5000 history makes little senses:

  • You can raise doubt 4000 or 5000 years?
  • You can wonder the destructions of history: physical destruction 
  • You can ask what culture is inherited by younger generations?

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