Sunday, November 11, 2012

China : illusion, realism, desillusion

Same as in the USA, European countries and some asian countries, China follows a developing model.

I believe this model has three phases:

  1. Illusion
  2. realism
  3. desillusion

  • In 2006, China was still in the illusion phase

There was a feeling that all was possible.
If you have read the Great Gasby, you know what I mean. Foreigners were seen as dragons, magicians. Young people all dreamt of success: becoming rich, helping their parents, buying a nice car, and an appartment, travel...

Critics were almost inexistants.

There was no place for doubt.

  • Today, China entered its a realism phase.

Ambitions are downsize.
Many young people dream of a quiet life, a sufficient salary. Girls want to become teachers or journalist in oder to work less, have a life outside of work and take car of children.

Health matters.
Many Chinese fear to catch some sickness in some restaurants. This translate into phobias. You avoid one restaurant that is supposed to be more dirty. 
Chinese people are afraid of cancer and they talk about it.

Don't give all for a job.
More Chinese workers prefer to stay at home in the countryside rather than work in factories and live in big cities. Younger chinese prefer to stay at their parents home rather than a life of small jobs a city far away from them. Employees focus on salary.

Critics are more present so are questionning. 
A young Chinese told me that he prefer to use a tissue made of fabric rather than paper to take sweat from his forehead. It pollutes less than paper handkerchief.

Violence is growing slowy
Some type of violence is growing. I believe that Chinese people are acting more violent. There is more irrational acts, more drunk people act violent, less social control. No matter how much money you make.

  • The coming desillusion phase

Since it is difficult to gather any official statistics, I just express my perception.

A few sources:

  • Most young people I meet tell me: "we are too many Chinese and it is difficult to find a job in China"

If they all say the same thing, it means this idea comes from someone: television, medias...: governement. 
The message is clear: it will be difficult to find a good job so you should go abroad and accept low salaries.

This communication is one proof that China entered its realism phase and moving slowing toward desillusion.

  • Advertisement to sell new appartment
The advertisement are more and more realistic based on facts: price, surface, location...
Back in 2006, advertisement were based on dreams.
This clearly show that Chinese people way of thinking changed a lot: from illusion to realism.

I will tell you more about these advertisement in a coming article.

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