Friday, November 2, 2012

Dumplings, crawfish, dofu, tomatoes

I am starting a new category of articles about Chinese food.
I believe that it should interest many.

Some Chinese fried pancakes. It is fried using wok and oil. The filling is mixed meat and vegetable. You find them also with no filling and just sugar.

Caramelized sweet potatoes. Delicious, soft inside, hard on the outside.

Changsha and Hunan Province speciality : spicy crawfish. It is water crawfish. They are delivered living and fresh. The sauce is very special. You should dip the crawfish in it after you take away the head, tail and shell. The sauce is a spicy mixed with some soya as well and... I can’t tell you.
You should eat this dish around 10, 11pm or later. It is a common summer dish to enjoy outside while sitting on plastic chair on the street. This dish matches well with nuddles, frog legs... and couple of beers !

Soya with garlics and herbs. I like it a lot but as I understand most foreigners don’t. Maybe since soya is soft and has little taste appart from the sauce taste?

Tomatoes in China are fruits and eaten together with white sugar. Sugar hides the bitterness. Personnaly I don’t really like tomatoes with sugar.

The famous Chinese dumpling. Here fried dumplings. It is a dish from north China cooked for most festivals such as the new year.
Dumplings are favored by foreigners since they are made from wheat flour. Here they are fried. I like it a lot. More and more dumplings are frozen and not home made. You can feel the difference in taste. The juice should be imprisonned inside the dumpling

Bowled dumplings. You can see the border of the dumpling and check if it is home made. The cook will use his hand to close the dumpling.

We are in Hunan Province. The only sauce available is therefore spicy from Sichuan spicy and oil.

Another sauce you find with dumpling is peanut butter sauce. I like it a lot,but few use it here in Hunan.
Dumplings are a winter dish and a festival dish. Maybe since it is prepared by all the family: grands parents, parents, children. I can imagine in the old time: women would prepare the ravioli while men would take care of other tasks.
Someone once told me that the record eating more ravioli at once is 200 ? I am not sure exactly. This story shows that Chinese are always impressed when someone can eat a lot.

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