Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Everyday photos
Baby in his "jail"
A "elegant" and her dogs.
Rich chinese girls take care of themselves: manucure, modern phone, little pet, cute bag, expensive brand clothes, nice haircut... This is very new, back in 2007 in Changsha rich Chinese didn't mind their appearance!

Steve seen as a hero: “changed the world et Most Powerful Businessman”.
I hate it when I see this as I don’t believe Steve Jobs should be seen as a model for others to follow. My point of view is that he is a great businessman, nothing more.

My neighbours. On the right a baby pooes. Grand parents take care of children while parents work.
Mac Donald reduces the generation gap : grand father and his grand son
1pm time for the after lunch nap at the administration while waiting for your turn.
In the morning when I arrive at my working place, a worker takes a nap.
Not far away his collegue.
Drestroy and build, destroy and build… on Wuyi road, Changsha main avenue
Workers in the morning

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