Sunday, November 18, 2012

French wine available in Changsha

My wine is available for sale!
As you know I am trying to sell wine in Changsha, Cina.

If you want to buy this wine, contact me via QQ2537358342 or leave a message here.

It is a great wine. It comes from Loire. I have a red, a white and a rosé: 

  • The rosé is incredible and perfectly suits Chinese taste
  • The red is a simple light red and also many Chinese people like it
  • The white is more expensive as Loire région in France is famous for its white wine. This is a wine that you can enjoy before a meal

As I am importing the wine, I have a small margin and it is quality wine: I buy it at a fair price (as opposed to wine imported and bought at 10 rmb from the producers).

As for the price, I sell around 120rmb per bottle.

I can deliver the wine to your place.

There is also a possibility to have clothes for wine bottle. It makes a very special and unique present..

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