Friday, November 23, 2012

Globalization of taste in China

When you open a restaurant in China, you should know and understand Chinese tastes.

This is my passion.
Food in China is tradition, history, way of life and income: 
What do Chinese people eat? How should dish be shown? How to eat and share? Why and how tastes change?

Globalization of tastes

Globalization is when culture mix together. Culture mix together and enter into a fight: the strongest, the most attractive, the most addictive... win. The other one progressively disappear.

In China I want to show you that globalization of tastes is a huge trend. It will develop even more in the coming years. It transforms the Chinese market!

The younger generation change taste and loves products such as steak, cheese, coffee, spaghetti, bread, butter, beer, chocolate, biscuit, fruit juice.
These new addictions take the place of Chinese food. For instance: coffee kills tea, beer and western alcoohol take the place of Baijiu (Chinese rice alcoohol).

I will explain in detail all these new tastes in further articles.

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