Thursday, November 15, 2012

Honey shop in China

Since about 10 years ago we find everywhere in China small shops that only sell honey.
These shops manage to develop themselves throughout franchises. 

What are the key success factors to this business?

  • The shops are located on the ground floor for a good visibility
  • The small surface allows a low rent
  • You need only one employee to run the business

Regarding the products the shops don't simply offer one product but several product. You don't buy honey, you buy health products, beauty products!

In China honey is famous for its multiple virtues. You find honey:

  • For soft skin: for example women like to drink honey in tea with Tapioca peal
  • For sore throat
  • Royal jelly reinforce health
  • Pollen is healthy
  • ...

Honey shops customers are:

  • Older Chinese people
  • Middle age women who want to look nice
  • Occasional shopers who want to offer presents for festivals, birthdays and special events: they buy a present set. It is always a valued present

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