Friday, November 23, 2012

Made in Germany toys sold in China : Germans are great !

I am giving a few language teachings in a school for young children.
Children can play with several games. 
I can see which games children like most. There are all games « made in Germany » !

The favorite game is by far the simple wooden car race track ! incredible!
Children play with it hours long.

Another German game for children and parents : put the wooden sticks and balls over it. Balls shouldn’t fall down while players take out the wooden sticks one by one. Simply amazing.

A funny comic books, no speeches only drawings. 
It is the story of a father and his son: family as Chinese people like it. And in the end the mother and the father buy the book. They will decide in the end even though they will also listen to their child. That is why this book is great: it pleases both the Chinese parents and children!

How can these "made in Germany" imported toys sell so well on the Chinese market?

I think that these toys are simple and made in wood but they appeal to children psychologie. Furthermore they are innating. They are education toys that Chinese parents like.

  • For the race track, it reproduces the adult world: a parking, some lifts, some car ramps: There are also many gadgets and miniatures. Children love small details!
  • For the stick and ball games both children and parents like to play with this toy. They can play together and have fun together. It is also and education toy.
  • As for the book parents and children love it. It matches Chinese family values.

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