Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mainland China caught up on Hong Kong : 2007-2012

You access this view from Peak view. I recommand this place. You should take the tramway and it is really impressive. The tramway is really old and climbs up the mountain almost at 90 degree slope!

I went to Hong Kong this year. Since I had been to Hong Kong many times in 2007 for my visa, I notice how Hong-Kong and mainland China changed between 2007 and today:

Minor changes in Hong Kong !
It seems to me that Hong Kong didn’t change that much. I only realized the increase of mainly China tourists: they are everywhere! Hong Kong became a huge commercial center for mainland China tourists.
However Hong Kong manages to keep its authenticity. It is still possible to get out of the city center, escape the expensive avenues: the territory of big brands and rich tourists. You can walk in other districts and feel the real Hong Kong. You can feel the real Hong Kong. You can feel the melting pot and a few remain of british colonization .

The gap with mainland China disappeared :
Hong Kong didn't change, mainland Cina did!

  • 90% of Hong Kong brands are now established in mainland China. 
  • All the exact same products that you can buy in supermarkets in Hong Kong are also present in mainland China everywhere.! Incredible! Back in 2007, you could find none in Changsha and Hong Kong was full of treasures! Now mainland China really catched up on Hong Kong.

However you still find in France many products that you don’t find in mainland China. 
It means that these products don’t match Chinese customers tastes. Back in 2007, I thought Hong Kong inhabitants have similar taste as western people. In fact this is not true at all! 
Products I found in Hong Kong supermarkets are the same as the one found in mainland China!

Not far away from Forever Bright agency.
I recommand this visa agency. They will know how to inform you. There go all foreigners.
Forever Bright
New Mandarin Plaza Tower B Room 916-917, 14 Science Museum Road 

Local Hong Kong looks like this

Milk tea and omelette. You can also order toast, eggs, bacon… same as in the UK !

This is again very british !  
Interesting : I also found in Shenzhen some identical warnings in the subway. Shenzhen subway looks like the Tube in London! Or like Hong Kong subway! The british influence can be seen in Hong Kong. But now it can also be seen clearly in Shenzhen !

I think that Chinese people are sensible to English « elegance ». In Hong Kong, even mainland China tourist behave with more class ! they don’t dare to cross the street when the red light is on. They shout less. They cover themselves with sunglasses, brand bags, jewelry. Funny.

Not far away from the ferry, a training school for mainland Chinese. They provide English, wine, coffee trainings. Knowledge that can (could) help you fin a job in mainland China.

In Hong Kong you can still find tailors (for how long ?)
You also find traditionnal medecine shops, jewelries (diamonds and gold), banks, tourist, famous brand clothes, big hotels, watches...

Delifrance… the offer is very local with Chinese dishes. The image is french.

Seven Eleven retail shops "invaded" mainland China.

HSBC originaly comes from Hong Kong HSBC

One of many traditionnal medecines shop

Watson. They are also everywhere in mainland China Watson.

Today, Hong Kong people live from mainland China : tourism industry, traffic from one border to the next. I have seen Hong Kong people cross the border with suitcases full of yogourts and wine... Beijing helps Hong Kong to content the local. It is also a way to have foreigners discover China. Beijing strategy was a success in order to strengthen China image, satisfy local population, attract foreign capitals and companies...

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