Monday, November 26, 2012

Modern toilet restaurant: a toilet restaurant

I went to modern toilet restaurant in the IP Mall on the walking street.

The vip picture at the entrance of the restaurant

The mascotte at the entrance

You can buy goodies. The shower is just there for the environment.

The chairs are toilet sits.
You have big shits in a bassin under the table window!

The menu

The brand logo

All glasses and plates have toilet shapes

I wanted to go the toilet... but... they don't have any toilet in this restaurant! You need to go to the shopping center toilets! I know it sounds crazy!

VIP room

Alain is drinking his tea

Very creative glass!

I took the pose

Our neighbour was enjoying a shit chocolate ice cream

This is a Restaurant Chain from Taiwan.
They established in many cities from mainland China. And they just opened in Changsha in the IP Mall.

I wonder how this concept can work in the long run.
Of course it attracts many curious but will they come back? I guess in a city like Changsha if all come at least once to eat and see this novelty restaurant it could be enough to return on investment and make money.

This restaurant chain is another Chinese paradoxe.
The Chinese society is still very closes on some taboos. You don't talk about sex, poo...
Maybe the success of this restaurant has to do with these taboos. It breaks the taboos?
Also I notice sometimes Chinese humour is crude.
Or maybe Chinese people just want to have fun.