Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elevator issue in China

In China 30 to 40 stores buildings are the norme.
Elevators are therefore very important.

Unfortunately, they are often neglected in order to reduce the buildings construction costs?

Very slow elevators

I take the example of the building where I work. The building has just been recently built. It is 80% empty and you should wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the elevator! The reason is simple: the five elevators work at the same time! So that if you call one elevator, the five elevators will come at the same time. All the elevators will then all go up and down at the same time!

I think that it allows to cut the costs. I imagine that a elevator computer program would cost a lot.

Beware if you buy or rent in China: check that the elevators are not too slow.

Some buildings have the solution. 
  • For example you have 6 elevators: 2 elevators stop at floors, 2 stop at floors 16 to 29 and 2 stop at floors 30 to 40.
  • You also have some intelligent computer systems. Elevators will not stop at all floors but adjust according to the number of users. 

Advertisement income

I always wonder if elevators are not willingly slow. In fact elevators generate advertisement income: users watch televesion while waiting for the elevator!
Everyday you wait 10 to 15 minutes and see at least 2 ads for cars and 1 ad for KFC...


Otis, Thyssenkrup
I noticed that elevators in Changsha are often managed by Otis and Thyssenkrupp


  1. I live in Kelowna BC in Canada and all the elevators on the University campus and around city apartments are Thyssenkrupp as well.

    I'm from Changsha by the way, born and raised. Thanks for starting this blog. You make some interesting observations about China's current state of developement and especially Changsha's.

  2. I am not sure of Thyssenkrup is the world leader? Otis might come number two. In the construction business you have only a few players, since it requires important investment.

    But for elevators I have heard in south of France many very small companies take care of repairing elevators. There was a regulation that you should check the elevator every x years: so this is a huge market.

    Thanks for your support ;-) I am glad you like some of the articles.
    It must be tough sometimes for you staying in a foreigner country.

  3. Also for elevator, it is a tricky business: there is the cost to build the elevator and after there is the cost to repair the elevator...

    Some companies have very low prices to build the elevator... then you must go with them to repair and they make huge margins... clever