Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Survey Harley Davidson in China: questionnaire

First survey at the request of a friend


1. I am a:

2. My age:
18-25 years old
25- 35 years old
More than 35 years old

I have chosen three age groups as I believe that in today's China you have roughly three different ages groups:
Older than 35 years old who have lived under Mao and more importantly know Deng Xiaoping era, China economic miracle.
25-35 years old who are the first children from the one child policy and still have a Chinese way of thinking. They have known China growth. They still think and behave according to Chinese values.
18-25 years old are relatively westernized through their education, television, internet...

(We also have a generation who is older than 50 years old and have live through different times: birth of China, communist era and even the remnant of imperial China).

3. My income
<5000 rmb
>5000 rmb

I selected 5000 since it is an important figure to distinguish poor and rich Chinese. Truth is you should inclue 3 income groups:

Since Chinese middle class is growing.
I willingly choose two categories as I feared that Chinese would be reluctant to tell their income. Larger income group allows for more honest answers. Those who answer >5000 rmb identify as rich and they probably make much more.


4. Do you know this logo?
Yes           No

If you answered No:
1. According to you this brand sells:
- Food
- Cars
- Motos
- Clothes
- Cigares

This question allows to analyze if Harley Davidson logo is adapted to the product sold: what conveys the logo?

2. According to you this brand comes from which country?:
- China
- France
- Japan
I made a small mistake here. I wrote UK but deleted in the end: this question allows to know if this logo conveys an american image or another image.

5. Why do you drive a motorbike?
- To avoid traffic et go faster
- A moto is cheaper than a car
- A moto shows that I am cool
- Same as stars, I can drive a expensive motorbike (this question is the same as I want to show that I have money. I wrote it differently to get honest answers)
- Drive a motorobike helps me escape and forget my worries

6. Which motorbike brand is more qualitative according to you?
- Wuyang-Honda
- Yamaha
- Harley Davidson
- Suzuki
- Jialin
- Mulan
- Sangj

I want to thank my wife for the Chinese translation.
I want to thank all the Chinese who answered the survey and discussed with me

For this survey I asked 100 people.
I will share the results in the next article.
I also gathered a few insights aside from the questions.

It is important to know that:
In Chinese cities it is forbidden to ride motorbike. Only electric motorbike or scooter are allowed as long as you have a licence (you can only get licences for small scooters).
Oil motorbike are allowed on race tracks and in the countryside. In Changsha you can see Chinese people ride their motorbike at night when there is no police control.


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