Monday, December 3, 2012

Advertisements for new buildings in China: how Chinese society changes?

Advertisements for new buildings in China reveals Chinese society huge change:

  • Back in 2006, new buildings advertisements were totally irrationnal

They showed a blonde foreigner, a businessman, someone smoking cigare, a porsche...

These pictures came together with some excessive sentence: the happy few, the mansion of the gods, the top of the world, the city, the world capital...

The goal was to convey the prestige, the unique opportunity.
And it worked!

  • Today, Chinese customers want concrete, facts
You can see some trees, some train station, some bridge, a picture of the building...

You have the superficie, the price per square meter, the size...

Chinese customers calculate, analyze, compare. They want to make a good investment and to get value for their money.

This shows that Chinese people want facts. They don't dream anymore. The Chinese society entered its realism phase.
Maybe this also shows that the Chinese logic disappears and that Chinese people think in a western way? More and more Chinese follow a western way of thinking?


Rational advertisements:

1er example:

This new building is located next to a famous Middle school: Yali Middle school

The photo emphasizes this.

You can see how the building will look like

This picture emphasize on the nearby fast train station. It also shows that Changsha is developing and that you are making a good investment when buying here.

 This photo shows the district which is a very wealthy district in Changsha.

This photo focus on the size of the appartment: small appartments for young couple who want to live in the a city center, nearby some good school.

2nd example: Some buildings located in the suburbs. You have another argumentation but still always a logic and a rational, factual argumentation

Here you can see the price which is quite low: 4000 per square meter. Since the building is not in the city center, it emphasizes on its fair price.

Here this building in the far suburb of Changsha. It emphasizes on the space, the calm, the nature.
Why do they show the sea? I am not sure. Maybe sea means space and calm. Maybe water in Chinese culture has an even stronger meaning beyond peace.

We are now in the countryside. The advertisement focus on the nature, the trees...

And behind the panels you can see this:

Irrational advertisements:

Here we have a typical irrational wording: platinium
Sometimes it is written "gold" or "silver"... 

Also you have Chinese magic word: "business"

Still you have the phone number.

Again you can see how the building will look like

Here it is kind of irrational: they show a businessman and some computers

I am not sure why they show a tree or a lake as this building is central in a "polluted" area.

A diamond

An eagle: the USA! the strength...

Some foreigners in suits

Still you have the price per square meter

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