Thursday, December 6, 2012

Changsha left side and right side, bridges and tunnels

Changsha is cut in two by the Xiang Jiang river.

Ancient Egyptian believed that one side of the Nile river you had the spiritual world, the city of the dead and on the other side the living.
Changsha had a similar geographical division between the student, spiritual world and the business world!

  • Changsha left side was until recently the spiritual and student city 
On the left side you find the Yuelu mountain and the Yuelu Academy. It is the home of famous confucianism scholars. Yuelu mountain is also home to an old buddhist temple, the birth place of Taoism and this where Mao Tsé Toung studied.

  • The right bank was the business side

Today as the city extends quickly and real estate prices increase, many residents establish on the left side to benefit from much lower real estate prices.

This of course means more traffic jams. The city is building the subway, some new bridge and tunnels. Let me tell you how to cross the Xiang Jiang river.


1: Number 1 bridge. It is the oldest bridge of Changsha and it is very central. As you can imagine there is too much traffic on the bridge in the morning and from 5h30 to 6h30, 7hpm

2: Number 2 bridge. It goes to the modern city administrations on the left bank. I will tell you more about the administrations in another article.

3. Number 3 bridge. I call it Xinkaipu bridge since it links Xinkaipu on the right and the universities on the left bank.

4. This bridge is part of a ring road that goes all around Changsha. It is also in the north but you can not see it on this map.

5. Fuyuan bridge. It was just built end of november.

Tunnels (blue on the map)

1. One tunnel in the north is already built. You can access it nearby the Sheraton

2. Nan Hu tunnel in the sourth is still under construction.

Tunnels are only opened to cars. There often have multiple entrances and exits
There should be a tunnel for the subway. I believe below the number 1 bridge?

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