Saturday, December 1, 2012

Changsha three main streets

Today, I want to introduce Changsha three main streets:

  • Wuyi Avenue
  • Shaoshan Road
  • Furong Road

  1. Wuyi Road: starts at Changsha old train station (where you can take slow trains) and goes up to the Xiangjiang river, Changsha city center and to bridge number 1
  2. Furong Road: is the longest street in the world. It continues until Zhuzhou the nearby city! I think it has more than 70 km long. Furong Road goes to the Provincial government and toward Zhuzhou. It is a major axis. It also leads to the Zoo
  3. Shaoshan Road: is also a main road. It leads to HongXing food market and to several university campus: Railway campus, Linkeda, Central South Forestry University, Women University...

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