Friday, December 28, 2012

China noises

In China you have people everywhere and a lot of noise.

Chinese people lost the notion of silence. Many Chinese people who come to France told me that when they arrived, they were afraid as there was no noise and they couldn't sleep well!
After several month in China our body get accustomed to a constant background noise. Then you start to like these noises.

From a marketing point of view, I believe that it is important to analyze all these everyday noises. Each one of them triggers some feeling, convey desire or disgust for Chinese customers.

Each noise has its meaning for instance:

Chinese people love dancing and singing. Dancing keeps healthy. Free dance class are offered every evening on the street.

The Chinese national anthem
It celebrates the achievement of some new construction. Also some companies, school, college, universities play the national anthem every monday, while raising the Chinese flag.

They can celebrate the opening of a shop or the inauguration of a new building.
They can celebrate a wedding, or the death of someone. Relatives and friends carry the corpse and make a lot of noise.

They can celebrate some inauguration. They are used during Chinese festivals.

A wooden noise
It is the itinerant salesman. He sells poisons for rats and mice. To my knowledge you can't find any poison in shopping center.

It sometimes comes from a shop in order to attract customers: KFC, Mac Donald, clothes shop...
Here you see some cd, dvd salesman. This is uncommon since many Chinese use internet to download or watch online.

It is used as a warning: very often it means, beware, I am going through or I am just behind you...

They are used by salesmen, street vendors

Shops employees training
Shops employees often have motivation training before they start work: dancing, shouting...

Commerce promotion
Dance show, demonstration to promote a brand...

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